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Delivering Affordable Copy Editing and Proofreading Solutions by Expert Proofreaders

We are a leading company in the US, assisting our clients in proofreading their documents as per requirements.

Key Issues

Copy Editing and Proofreading has always been an important resource in today’s market. Brands are looking for professional companies that can improve readability and check for errors in content. Copy editors should have the required skills and expertise to make a document free from disorganized passages, wrong formats, incoherent writing, and many more. However, most of the existing copy editing companies lack the potential and on-field experience.

Errors and issues can be of various types. Sometimes, they can lay hidden hitherto proofreaders find and correct them. Copy editors and proofreaders should make simple revisions and check for all possible errors. They should be able to work on irrelevant parts of the content and make them understandable. Professional companies must harbor a team of well-experienced copy editors and proofreaders who should work together. Unfortunately, most of them even fail to achieve success in identifying potential gaps in content. Thus, for the brand, it becomes tougher to appeal to and engage the target audience. With content that lacks proper copy editing and proofreading, they fail to make a footfall.

How Can Achieve Point Help?

Preparing clients’ manuscripts in the exact way they want is challenging. However, our copy editors and proofreaders make it possible with their excellent skills and industrial experience. Our primary responsibility is ensuring that the copy is worth publishing or sending for printing. To make that possible, we check between the lines to find gaps in the subject coverage. We also suggest new strategies that are more effective for a particular content genre.

At Achieve Point, we have spent years in the industry delivering top-end solutions to clients. We have created thousands of features that enhance clients’ business content and make them more competitive in their domains. Our teams revise the source content and prepare a raw draft before sending them for publication. We provide a comprehensive and all-in-one solution to a variety of content issues. We also look for inconsistencies in hyphenation, capitalizations, and fonts from fixing spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues. We also eliminate excessive wordiness and tweak sentences to improve readability scores. Achieve Point ensures that all of your brand’s content has a consistent tone. Moreover, our affordability in the industry is widely praised by our clients.

Our Copy Editing and Proofreading Solutions

Our team of trained editors delivers the best of copy editing and proofreading by staying aligned to all the specific needs and demands of our clients globally.

Line Editing Services

Our Line Editing solutions are perfect for clients who require assistance in editing subtle things. We check for syntax issues, eliminate character or plot inconsistencies and also remove repetitions in lines. Our team of editors ensures to increase maximum readability and strengthens the main message. We hold years of first-hand experience in handling odd sentences and underdeveloped passages. We suggest our clients make structural changes, change the formation of a paragraph or even adjust wordings and phrasings.

Academic Copy Editing Services

Our team of copy editors works effortlessly to help our academic clients gain global recognition. That is why we check their content thoroughly to find and remove all sorts of English-language errors from them. We also check their content’s presentation and resolve all issues leading to quality content. Our specialist academic editors are well-trained and highly-vetted for their linguistic expertise. They transform imperfect copies into good ones and turn the good ones into exceptional ones.

SEO Copy Editing Services

At Achieve Point, we deploy our best SEO professionals to work on our client’s documents. Working in the industry as a trusted company, we have mastered several techniques. We have learned how to develop SEO by using appropriate keywords and key phrases. Our team also looks after the readability of different content because it also affects the SEO rankings. Besides spreading keywords equally throughout the content, we also check site architecture, site links, and content tags.

Fact-Checking Services

Achieve Point’s team of editors and proofreaders also check for the accuracy of the mentioned facts. Through our fact-checking solutions, we take a much straightforward step towards editing a copy. Our writers are well-acquainted with how to research and distinguish between real and fake facts accurately. We also adhere to our clients’ prefixed requirements and never deviate from that. After checking with different reference links, we conclude and approve the content for publication.

Rewriting Services

We understand that the responsibility of a copy editing company does not end with picking up the errors. Sometimes, we also rework the whole content when there are too many issues. Our primary motto is to reduce errors and maintain an overall consistency in the document. Therefore, sometimes we reorganize the content provided by our clients. Ensuring that the source message stays intact, our language and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) start working afresh. Doing so helps in increasing the readability too.

Content Refreshing Services

It is pretty like rewriting content but in a different way altogether. Our professional editors and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) check for outdated content, inaccuracies, and other issues. Based on what we have got, we refresh the copy and give the message a fresh perspective. As a result, the message stays intact, but the content gets a more engaging outlook. We leverage the help of our experts, who ensure that the content does not deviate negatively.

Our Clients

Educational Institutions

Achieve Point has been serving different global colleges, universities, and high schools for years now. Our academic editors ensure that our clients’ content always stays up to date and error-free.

Press and Media Houses

Our copy editors and proofreaders have delivered accurate fact-checking services to our clients in international news media houses. We cater to their exact requirements and provide professional results.

Publishing Houses

Over the years, we have served thousands of international publishing houses, ensuring maximum satisfaction. Our copy editing services bring the most affordable editing and proofreading solutions for clients.

How It Works

At Achieve Point, our primary priority is always to guarantee client satisfaction. To deliver the best results to them, we follow a definite work process for our copy editing and proofreading services.

In the beginning, our clients connect with us to discuss their project requirements. After knowing about those, we discover the type of services that they are looking for. Then, clients upload their raw document/manuscript, and we send it to our teams. They conduct an extensive review of the content at first. Then after understanding the requirements, they start editing and proofreading. After finishing, we send the raw drafts to our Subject Matter Experts and quality analysts. They do a final review and check for factual or grammatical errors. Finally, they authenticate and send the copy for submission.

Therefore, our services include – connecting, discussing, discovering, uploading and receiving, conducting, understanding, editing, proofreading, reviewing, quality analyzing, and authenticating.

High-Quality Service with Affordable Price

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