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Creating Interactive Powerpoint Animations To Attract Viewer’s Attention And Promote Action

We are a media services company providing PPT animation solutions to valued clients worldwide.

Key Issues

PowerPoint presentations are not what it was years ago. It is not just a textual representation of information with few letters and sentences fading in and out. Today, the PPT presentations have animations that enable clients to create videos and movies. So, businesses worldwide are adopting techniques that make their presentations unique and attractive. They approach professional media service providers for assistance.

However, all agencies are not equally equipped to deliver impeccable PPT animations for all industry sectors. Some handle very specific projects, while others work with only a few restricted genres of information. Also, every agency does not have professionals equipped with the expertise of handling the latest software programs and technology. Hence, clients must carefully analyze their service partners before finalizing anything. They must ensure that the agency has experts for different content genres and can handle large volumes of data. Also, they must guarantee the complete security of the client’s data and deliver projects on time. In addition, they must also be available 24/7.

How Can Achieve Point Help?

Achieve Point is one of the leading media service providers in the US so, we have experienced content creators and PowerPoint exports for every industry need. They are fluent in multiple languages and content genres. So, we create PPT animations for marketing, educational, training, and employment purposes. Our team includes content writers, multimedia creators, software experts, and research analysts. Hence, we always include trendy and accurate information on our PPT animation videos. It enhances audience engagement, heightens curiosity, and facilitates easy understanding of complex concepts. We also have linguists who assist in creating content for multiple international and regional clients worldwide.

Moreover, we create PPT animations using the latest software technologies and multimedia elements like videos, audio, motion graphics, illustrations, and more. We transform boring, informative videos into attractive and memorable animations. So, clients use these videos to train their recruits, educate their learners, impress investors and explain ideas. Also, we ensure to include interactive layout designs, colors, and typography to enhance brand popularity and reliability. We follow a collaborative workflow that enables us to deliver high-quality PPT animations for every project. We deliver on time and accommodate multiple reworks and adjustments. Our customer service team is always available to handle queries, requests, and alterations, whenever necessary. Most importantly, we have packages for every budget and project size.

Types of PPT Presentation Based Services

We create PPT animations for all business types and purposes. So, we provide numerous options to clients to choose the most suitable PPT animation type for their project. Also, we always follow the latest concepts and techniques trends so; clients receive updated and popular content only.

Textual PPT Animations

In these PPT animations, we animate letters, words, and sentences. They are focused on text and numbers and are largely based on simple information. Clients use these videos to brief their in-house teams who already know the ongoing projects and terminologies. Textual PPT animations are also used to promote new services and products by using testimonials and statistics.

Informative PPT Animations

We create informative PPT animations for educational and training purposes. These usually have both texts and images. Sometimes we also include 3G images, videos, and illustrations. Graphs, motion graphics, and GIFs elevate the interest of learners and help them understand quickly. We ensure to remove any monotony and heaviness from the content for better recall and engagement.

Persuasive PPT Animations

Persuading investors, clients or customers is not easy. One must be able to captivate the audience and convince them to take action. So, we create PPT animations that can perfectly aid the client’s speech or idea. We use stunning effects, images, quotes, information, quizzes, games, and activities to enable the audience to participate and connect with the content instead of being a spectator.

Decision-making PPT Animations

These are part of important meetings that involve decision-making. It may be a decision that decides the future of a company. So, we never take them lightly and ensure to include accurate information and descriptions at all times. We include analogies, examples of similar situations, and probable solutions. The client may provide us with the content, or our experts will brainstorm plausible solutions.

Conceptual PPT Animations

These PPT animations are image-heavy. We use 2D cartoon images, shapes, arrows, and flow charts to explain ideas and concepts. They are beneficial in meetings that involve the general public and diverse audiences. It helps them stay hooked to the information without being overburdened with information. They are great for opening speech presentations, business pitches, and story-telling.

Instructive PPT Animations

PPTs are a great way of instructing learners. Many workshops, training sessions, and induction programs use these animation PPTs to explain the process of a craft, service, or skill. We use simple and to the point language so that clients can guide their audience easily. Also, we include step-wise information with guiding graphics and images so that learners can easily follow the instructions.

Motivational PPT Animations

Companies and leaders often require to motivate their buyers and workforce. Many meetings and conferences are held regularly for this purpose. We create inspiring PPT animations for clients that complement the activities and speech of the event. Our experts carefully choose colors, fonts, and music that help the viewers connect to the content emotionally. Also, it keeps them hooked for a longer time.

Progress PPT Animations

Another example of PPT animations used is in-house meetings. They are project-specific and include general information about an ongoing project. Details may include budget analysis, obstacles faced, data collected, and more. We create PPts that help viewers quickly understand the facts and determine the fate of the project. In these cases, it is usually the client who provides us with all the data.

Our Clients


PPT animations are a popular way of teaching these days. Not only that, but learners also submit projects and assignments using this technique. It helps the viewers stay interested and understand complex concepts easily. We create them for all subjects, languages, and courses.


Businesses use our PPT animation services to create one-of-a-kind proposal PPTs, investment pitches, event introductions, project updates, and more. We create PPTs for marketing, employee training, product description, and motivation for corporate offices in the US and worldwide.


It includes hospitals, research institutes, nursing homes, and pharmaceutical companies. We have subject matter experts who create indulging medical and health-related PPT animation videos with accurate content for conferences, patient communication, and in-house meetings.

How It Works

At Achieve Point, our professional workforce collaborates to create engrossing PPT animations for clients across all industry sectors. Hence, we follow a tested workflow that guarantees timely delivery for projects at all times.

First, we connect with the client and understand their requirements. Next, we design a blueprint and suggest a quote. After the client agrees to the quote and accepts the blueprint, we start the creation process. Our experts incorporate various multimedia elements and techniques to make the PPTs animation attractive. Then, our quality analysts finally review the results for accuracy and compatibility before delivery.

Hence, we connect, understand, design, quote, create, incorporate, review, and deliver.

High-Quality Service with Affordable Price

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